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May. 19th, 2010

aluminum bunny


Commissions Update

I've been taking a break from face-ups and I honestly thought that I would keep my shop closed indefinitely. Over the winter I was getting a little burnt out and frustrated working on face-ups. So, I closed the shop and decided to focus on some drawing...but now I am not feeling as fulfilled as I thought just from drawing. After some thought I am considering opening up for commissions again in the near future. It's been such a long time since I've touched a doll head that I will have to practice some, but if everything goes well I hope to have some slots ready by July.

Mar. 15th, 2010

aluminum bunny


Tanning El +for sale+

New Wren (Crobi V-Day LE Mikhail) came in the mail about a week or so ago, so it's time for me to part with my Tanning El. His position has been filled and I put him up for sale in the DoA marketplace.

It was a difficult decision to make, but I'm not giving Tan El the attention he deserves and it seems pointless to keep a doll that I don't do anything with.

I'm still debating about selling my 2 Minifee Woosoo Vamp girls...

Feb. 12th, 2010



The new Wren

I was up at 4am this morning stalking the Crobidoll site, so I could get my hands on the new LE Valentine's Day Mikhail. I was sad that I had missed out on the Dante release back in November. Then I saw some owner pics and was thankful that I didn't buy him XD. After that I was set on ordering a Crobi Nao, but I told myself to wait because in the back of my mind I kept thinking they might do something special for Valentine's Day...and they did. Once I realized it was a re-release of Mikhail I was sold! I splurged and ordered him with a custom face-up.

So, this new Mikhail will ultimately replace Tanning El and become the new Wren and Rook's twin. That means El will be out and I will most likely be looking for a new home for him and to think this doll was once my dream doll, poor Tan El.

I am now thinking that I might also sell my twin Woosoo Vamp girls, Ophelia. I need to keep thinking about it though because that's a big decision. At once point I had 7 dolls and now I only have 4...but soon I might only have 2. O_o;

Jan. 21st, 2010

aluminum bunny


Bye, bye Bao

Bao doesn't live here anymore... :(

I decided to sell him and he's off to his fabulous new home. It felt like the right decision since I wasn't really doing anything with him and he's been living in his Pipos box ever since I completed his tattoos a looooooong time ago.

E-and and Lishe are almost ready to be shipped off to their new home as well. So, technically I am now down to 3 dolls (Ophelia only counts as 1 doll in my mind)and Ophelia is the only one left that with face-ups I've done myself.

I'm thinking about ordering a new doll soon and I'm leaning towards a Crobidoll Nao but I'd like the have Crobi do a custom face-up for me...is that wrong? I could certainly do it myself but honestly, I don't feel like it! My plate is full right now and I have other dolls that are ahead on the list for face-ups. I owe my hubby 2 face-ups and his doll arrived sometime last year and has been packed away ever since we moved...I had to think for a moment to remember what the sculpt actually is, ha ha!

I've also been thinking about getting Rook a new wig. I took him out of his box today and just admired him for a while. I'm going to do a new photo shoot with him outside this weekend, if the weather stays nice.

Dec. 15th, 2009



Such a shame!

I just found out that I missed the order date on another tan Crobidoll boy, Dante! The sale date was back in November and I don't know how I missed the release of this doll :(

I'm so sad!!

Sep. 6th, 2009



Commissions temporarily closed

Commissions are still closed at Wicked Little Things. I originally closed the shop back in August. My husband and I were going to be moving from our apartment to our first home and I didn't want any doll heads getting lost in the shuffle. I had hoped to be accepting new commissions by now but unfortunately the move hasn't taken place yet....and Wicked Little Things will continue to be closed until October. It looks like the move should take place in the new 2 weeks so I have my fingers crossed that I can get my work space back together to start accepting commission again soon.

Check my thread on DoA for more details because I usually update there more regularly than I do here on LJ.


PS - I'm still looking for buyers for 2 of my dolls. See the below entry for details!

PPS - I really need to redesign this layout >_

Aug. 20th, 2009

aluminum bunny


Give my dolls a home!

I'm still looking for homes for Fuchsia (DoT E-an) and Audrey (CP Luts Dreaming Lishe). I'm sad that they haven't been able to find homes as of yet. They both were on hold for a bit but unfortunately those transactions fell through. Soon, I will be adding Tybalt (Pipos Bao) to the list as well.

Jul. 24th, 2009

aluminum bunny


Bye-Bye Audrey...

Audrey is up for sale now. I thought really long and hard about whether I really wanted to part with her. I think it makes more sense for me to sell her. I could style another doll the same way and I'm really not fond of the Luts type 1 body anyway. I've taken tons of photos of Audrey but they never seem to come out as nicely as I would like and I really don't do anything else with her. I'd like to replace her at some point. Maybe make a whole new character but I like the evil girl look. I guess I just need to find the right doll for the job.
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Jul. 21st, 2009

aluminum bunny


Doll for sale

I've decided to part with some of my dolls. Right now I have Fuchsia (DoD E-an) up in the DoA marketplace.

I was planning on listing Audrey (Luts Lishe) as well but for some reason it was more difficult to think about parting with her. Ultimately I would like to sell her though...if I can get the strength to do it.

I'm also thinking about putting up a feeler thread for my Luts Tanning El. He used to be my dream doll but then when my Crobidoll Mikhail arrived I completely lost my interest for Tan El...poor boy.

Apr. 15th, 2009

aluminum bunny


It's time for a change

Beryl is finally going bye bye to make way for the new and improved Caliope/Pandora. titaniumfrog finally made the decision to switch her over to a SDF Annette and I was lucky enough to find an extra head for sale on DoA. So, instead of having to change up Caliope's whole body to become Pandora we will only need to switch her head.

So, once the sun actually decides to make an appearance I will be taking some pictures of Beryl and put her up for sale in the marketplace. I'll be keeping the face-up + hoof/horn blushing on because I think the new doll's face-up won't really look much like the old one anyway.

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